Will you become a tutor?

“I want to become a tutor because my own tutors were amazing!”

Why should you become a tutor? Because it’s fun!

By filling the application form you can become one of your awesome tutors. After the application period ends, all applicants will receive an invitation to a tutor interview. New tutors are chosen through these interviews.

Don’t be nervous, the most important thing is genuine interest in tutoring, so just be yourself. The chosen tutors will take part in tutor training to learn all the important information about being a tutor.

The application period for tutoring is now on. The application period is February 1st until the 28th.

Apply to become a tutor from the links below:

Apply as peer tutor (Finnish degrees only)

Apply as international tutor

For more information about tutoring contact the tutors or our board member at international(at)lamko.fi