How to get your ID card to the new campus

All LAMK students will get a photo ID card for the new campus.  You can use your ID card to access the facilities at Mukkulankatu 19 (within the limits of your access rights). You should wear your ID card in a visible place when moving in the premises. All students will get a tour of the new campus by campusguides and tutor students.

The ID card looks the same as the AMK-student card, but it only works as a student for LAMKO’s members. Without the membership to LAMKO the card is only an ID card and you cannot get the student benefits with it.

You will need to order the ID card yourself from LAMKO’s website. The form for ordering the card will open next week on out website. IT will take about 2 weeks for the card to arrive and you can pick it up from LAMKO’s office. We will send you an email to let you know your card has arrived.

Please note the instruction for adding a picture for the ID card. The photo has to be like a passport picture, taken from the front. IF your picture doesn’t meet the requirements, we will have to reject it and the arrival of your ID card will be delayed.


ID card for new students who have started their studies this autumn:

If you are a new student and you have become a member of LAMKO or you are going to, you will automatically get the ID card.  If you don’t want to become a member of LAMKO you can order your ID card from LAMKO’s website next week.

ID card for old students:

If already have a student card it will still work as a student card, but it will not work as an ID card for the new campus. You will need to order the ID card from LAMKO’s website. If your membership is valid, you will get a new sticker to your new student card. You can order the ID card from LAMKO’s website next week.


More information about the ID cards:

Jari Koistinen, secretary general, jari.koistinen(at)

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