Sections – an easy way to be a part of LAMKO

Sections are there to help the board members and to offer an easy way to be a part of LAMKO’sa activities. Taking part in a section also doesn’t take up your time as much as for example the board and that is one of the reasons it is an easy way to make your studies memorable.

All Lahti UAS can become members of a section. In the sections each student gets to give their own ideas and that way have an influence in the student union. Below you can find what section we have at the moment.


Events section

In the events section you get to be in the inner circle of the student parties. You gat to come up with ideas, themes and competition for LAMKO’s events. You also get to create marketing materials and overall badges. You take part in marketing the events in social media and get hand on experience in organizing student events.
For more information contact our head of events huvi(a)

Sports section

Sports section is a great place for anyone interested in sports. Sports section plans, organizes and markets different kinds of sports events for students. Events such as Finnish overall baseball tournament and Liiku Appro – sports and culture appro.
For more information contact our head of sports liikunta(a)