Overalls – student’s uniform

Overalls are the sign of a true student; you can get your own from LAMKO. LAMKO’s overalls are black and they are for student in all faculties. Engineering students have their own pink overalls you can get from the student organization of the engineering students LIRO. To tune your overalls you can buy overall badges from LAMKO or collect them from our student events.

You can buy the black overalls from LAMKO’s office in NiemiCampus. The price is 35 euros for members of LAMKO and 65 euros for those who are not members. If you get LAMKO membership for 3,5 years you get the student overalls for 20 euros! The offer is valid until the end of September.

We don’t take reservations for the overalls, first come first served. We try to order enough overalls in all the different sizes, but sometimes certain sizes are sold out quickly. So be quick so you can find the perfectly fitting overall for you!

You can find our office  from the new NiemiCampus (Mukkulankatu 19) from the first floor. A-wing.